Brand ambassadors

Hello hello! Do you love joyful threads and all it represents? Well this might be the thing for you! We are looking to add a few brand ambassadors to our team! We are seeking women that are trendy, creative, and love to shop and have JOY in them. We want our ambassadors to be a reflection of of our company and respect & appreciate our values. 

What it entails:

  • Ambassadors will be required to promote Joyful Threads on their social media accounts (preferably both instagram and facebook, but if don't have both that's okay) and tag us .
  • Ambassadors will be given a personalized discount code to distribute that can be used in store & online.
  • Ambassadors will receive a 15% off discount to our store as well as monthly store credit.
  • Ambassadors will be recognized on our social media and website and will have opportunities to participate in events and markets
  • Ambassadors will be the first to know of new products and have early access to sales and promotions. 
  • Ambassadors will be "hired" for 1-2 months, depending on engagement and interest of applicant.

** As this is a new thing for Joyful Threads we plan to trial for 1-2 months.

Have we convinced you yet? We'd love to have you represent our brand! Please fill out this short survey below. Reach out to us if you have any questions!